Reputation MGMT for Local Credit Union

When a local credit union Anchour had been working with for over a year finally launched their rebrand, there was a little bit of a fuss. Excitement, confusion, and a lot of questions all bombarded their Facebook page, and the client didn't quite have the bandwidth to handle it on their own. 

That's where I stepped in. The credit union's main demographic skews older, so my goal when addressing comments on their rebrand announcement was to calm fears, spread excitement, and make sure everyone knew we weren't turning our backs on the past. 

The original post can be found here - and happily, the client was over the moon about the work I did here.

That so many older users flocked to the Facebook post was a bit surprising to the client - they'd done very thorough due diligence in reaching out to members via direct mail and email, and were not expecting the news of their rebrand as such a surprise. Furthermore, most of the older audience members were unfamiliar with what a rebrand is, so a lot of my work on this post went towards reassuring them that nothing was changing except the name and logo.

One of the other big challenges the credit union faced was the perception that the name change was due to their unwillingness to be associated with LGBTQ (their name was formerly Rainbow). The credit union did not want that to become the controlling narrative for obvious reasons, so I strongly and repeatedly emphasized the CU's deep value for the past.  

Not everyone could be won over so easily. In order to avoid sounding repetitive or like I was working from a script, I decided to choose my battles and work towards answering questions first, concerns second, and comments last.

Brianna DavidsonSocial